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Unmerciful makings

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What Is Unmerciful Makings?

Unmerciful Makings is a 3-month, online act creation program for aerialists and other movement based artists. It includes:

  • a step by step guide to act creation

  • Weekly actionable steps for putting your act together - from choosing music and costuming to how to choreograph and train your act.

  • Artistic exercises that will allow you to discover your own unique quality of movement. 

  • 40% off virtual privates with me for a year to help shape and refine your act.

  • Lifetime access to the program so you may revisit any parts you may need in the future.

  • Writing prompts that will help you create a fully realized emotional narrative for your piece.

  • Example videos of performance techniques and movement exercises to apply to your act.

  • We will cover everything from what to wear to what to do with your face.

Why Unmerciful Makings?

I've been a performing artist now for almost 30 years. I started with dance and theater as a child, and moved into the circus in 2013. I feel directionless without it.


I have also been finding that many aerialists who have been drawn to this recreationally have no idea where to start when it comes to creating and performing an act. 


It's not that those aerialists don’t have the ability to create a performance piece, you just haven’t been in front of an audience since you were 10 years old. 


Do you want someone to tell you exactly when to place a flexed foot in your routine?


 Do you want to perform like the most authentic version of yourself?

I believe everyone has it in them to be an artist and use their meat suits to create some cool shit. You're not being plugged into a magic formula. Your needs and goals, and your strengths and weaknesses shape your experience in Unmerciful Makings. It’s up to you to have the guts to be honest enough to fully plug into you. Your presence and fearlessness is the magic formula. I can help you access that, but you have to make the conscious decision to turn that light switch on.



Is Unmerciful Makings Right For You?

Unmerciful Makings is for driven performing artists who want to spend the next 3 months seeking unhinged, open hearted honesty in what they create. 

This program is not for everyone. It is for aerialists and movement artists who are curious about how to create a powerful piece of performance art and:

  • want to spend their limited time on a program that will have the most impact on their success, instead of just putting some tricks to music and hoping for the best.

  • look at their act creation intuitively, honestly, and passionately, instead of trying to fit a bunch of their coolest tricks into an act.

  • are self-directed but appreciate having measures of accountability and feedback built into their practice, instead of struggling to do it all on their own

  • know that the best work you will make comes from being vulnerable and fully present in your life and in your performance and are ready to dive into the process instead of just going through the motions of performing a few skills.


How long is this program?

If you are putting in the minimum amount of required time, this program is about 3 months long and designed to get you a performance ready act within that timeframe.

It's up to you to put in effort, but I'll be here cheering you on. Remember that results come from being ruthless, taking risks, and staying true to yourself. I am stoked for you to see your act at the end of this program and be shocked by your transformation as a performer.

How Do I Receive Feedback?

Although this program is entirely self led, I offer deeply discounted virtual privates to anyone who has invested in this program. You will receive 40% off privates to work on course material and get feedback on your WIP act for a year.


Am I advanced enough?

Unmerciful Makings is designed for beginner through advanced hobbyist and professional aerialists (and other movement based artists). It's not about the tricks that you can do. Anyone can put a few tricks together and call it a performance. It’s about discovering how you like to move. It's about your investment in yourself and your goals for your practice.

I want to work with folks who are motivated, have clear goals, and are used to working hard to achieve them. Not sure if that's you? Just ask!

be honest and unmerciful

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