"Veronica is an amazing aerialist as well as a great instructor. She is a well of knowledge and experience eager to teach students young and old. As a former instructor and team head coach at our studio (McCoy Rigby Arts), students were not only challenged, but enthusiastic to learn from Veronica. In addition to inspiring creativity, she brings variation, unique movements, and strength training to her classes. Any studio would be lucky to have her." - Mando, Aerialist and Coach


"Veronica is gold. Her strength and conditioning regime is guaranteed to make you a stronger aerialist and her hammock sequences are top notch. She’s the reason I fell in love with aerial and I miss training with her everyday. Veronica is an exceptional coach and you’d be crazy to not want her as your trainer."

-Shannon, Aerial Student

Infinite choreography

Discover the endless possibilities on Aerial Sling! Learn to seamlessly weave in and out of wraps, exploring transitions that easily move from one pose to the next without all those awkward moments of coming in and our of wraps. This workshop will show you those seamless transitions that make your choreography look like one endless movement.

C-Shaping and intro to roll ups

For the intermediate student who is beginning to explore c shaping skills, but could use some refining in technique to make their skills stronger.  This workshop will give you a deeper understanding of what you body needs to do in order to achieve the shape as well as progressions to get there. 

These skills can be applied to sling, silks, and rope and we will be using multiple apparatuses throughout the workshop.


We will also break down and demystify the mechanics of single coil roll ups and give you some drills to practice the shapes, movement pathway, and gain the strength necessary for this elusive skill.


"Veronica is an excellent teacher! When I started taking Veronica's class, I was recovering from an injury and she was so accommodating. More importantly, she knew what exercises to give me in order to regain strength. Safety is a priority in her class and She was always there for me whenever I literally needed a push!" 

-Chrissy, Aerial Student


"I was very fortunate to be able to learn and be coached by Veronica.  She has an eye for details and her verbal instructions are meticulous as well.  I put heavy emphasis when looking for a coach on someone who is not only able to demonstrate a sequence and new skill but one who can verbally instruct and Veronica is able to do both.  She also puts emphasis on safety and conditioning.  Anyone who has an opportunity to learn from Veronica, jump at the chance!!  And she is also super nice and calm which is a major bonus!"

- Cathy, Aerialist

"Veronica was my aerial coach for about two years and she’s the whole reason I am now pursuing circus as a career. She pushed my mind and body to express my feelings through movement. She helped me find who I was as an artist and learn how to show the audience my passion for circus arts. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach."

-Greta, Aerialist